Slim Leather Wallet LACONIC SHELL V

LACONIC MEBIUS cardholder  To maintain high-quality standards, each model undergoes a long test, and each product undergoes a thorough inspection. Here is a brief description of the most popular models and their main characteristics:
Despite its ultra-compact dimensions, the purse contains everything that a modern person needs - paper money, cards, and small items, and unlike many other wallets of the "slim" category, it's not a few coins - and all the little money that you are used to carrying with you.
Please see the explanatory VIDEO, which details the design of the wallet and the ease with which you handle days and plastic cards.
The quality of a wallet is determined, firstly, by the quality of raw materials - leather or suede, which directly affects the appearance of the product (we will talk about this later); secondly, the qualifications of the masters. In this matter, you can trust the brand and the store, or, if there is such an opportunity, see and touch the product yourself. 
We recommend buying a men's wallet made of genuine leather . Believe me, this is the best choice possible. Real skin is the oldest material that a person has learned to work with, it is soft, durable and aesthetically attractive. A skin substitute will bring nothing but disappointment. 
I see the condition of the wallets of some of my acquaintances, stingy or inattentively related to the question of choice - it's a pity to look at their wallets. The fact is that over time, scuffs and surface scratches appear on the surface of any product. There is nothing wrong with this, on the contrary - in a sense, these marks of life even decorate a thing. However, on one condition: the wallet is made of high quality genuine leather. Only in this case he will please you with a natural beautiful patina. Faux leather is cheap material, the cost of such products is low, but how long it will last is a big question. In addition, leather inexpensive wallets are not uncommon: many manufacturers, including domestic ones, competently build business processes, which allows setting low prices for their products.
Men's wallet made of genuine leather: how to choose a good wallet or purse
My wallet made of genuine leather is the accessory that I love the most. Even a solid, roomy bag, also adored by me to a large extent, cannot be compared in pleasure from using with a magical leather wallet, my constant friend. I was lucky: I found the one that meets all my requirements, stitched firmly and neatly, the material is a wonderful dark brown skin, which tends to age beautifully. I want to wish the same to you, dear reader, to find and buy your wallet.
What should be guided in choosing? 
There are three important factors here: functionality, quality and appearance. Price is the fourth factor, but nevertheless it is secondary, since for a really good thing you can give decent money and not regret it at all. 
We will analyze each of them individually.
A good men's wallet is first of all a functional and convenient wallet.Convenience is determined by your personal needs and lifestyle. Someone needs a roomy wallet with a zipper with many compartments, someone likes to live light and he needs a compact cardholder. Thus, the first step towards a successful purchase is to identify needs: do you have a lot of plastic cards, how many documents you carry with you (passport, rights), where do you prefer to put a trifle - in a special department or just put it in your pocket or bag . Maybe you have some special requirements, for example, a place for a photo of a loved one or a special pocket for a SIM card or even a hidden compartment for large bills. And of course, the important question is where you will carry the purse - in the bag, in the inner pocket of the jacket, or, perhaps, you are one of those daredevils who like to put it in the back pocket of jeans. 
Identify your priorities and then you can start the search. An important question is how to treat the skin . Basically, the whole cycle - from dehydration (removal of all hair), oil impregnation of skins to the finish - takes place at a tannery. Sometimes the manufacturer independently “finishes” the skin with the help of fatliquoring, waxing or painting to give the necessary vintage look to his products. So, for example, makes Vladimir Shevchenko, the owner of the Moscow brand Incognito . 
The thickness of the coating should not be too large: the natural texture of the skin should be clearly visible. Too thick top layer may indicate initially low quality of raw materials. Usually, skin defects are closed in this way.
Handwork. Wallets and purses made of genuine leather, presented in our online store of men's accessories , are handmade. However, clarifications are needed here. 
For those who prefer to carry a lot of plastic cards: credit, discount, club, and others - the Mobius model is developed, which successfully combines compactness and spaciousness.
Thanks to the combination of leather and rubber bands, you can store up to 15 plastic cards in your cardholder, while Lakonic Möbius does not lose its shape and remains not only convenient but also aesthetically attractive accessory.
Compact wallet LACONIC SHELL
Keeping all the advantages of its older brother SHELL V (V - means vertical) Laconic Shel more likely horizontal and in its dimensions a few millimeters more compact: width: 9.5 cm; d Length: 8 cm.
In the rest - everything too: simplicity, convenience and functionality. One movement and all the small things you have in sight, another movement and it is retracted into its retreat.
The RIBBON model is the smallest cardholder in the world, in fact, its dimensions are even smaller than the dimensions of the plastic cards themselves, for the convenience of storage of which it was created. To its advantages can be attributed - the absolute subtlety and plane, which will allow you to use Ribbon and as an independent accessory, and as an addition to your present wallet or money clip.
Not everyone interprets the term “handmade” in the same way. Some advocate solely to consider as such products made by hand from beginning to end (necessarily including the manual seam here). However, a wallet tailored by hand and sewn on a sewing machine can also be considered “manual work”. And often the machine seam is in no way inferior in quality to the so-called manual seam. Yes, the way in which the master first makes holes in the skin, and then passes the thread through them, is considered more reliable in the sense that when the seam breaks, it is weakened only on one side, while the other continues to securely fasten the parts. However, one can make the argument that a good strong thread, even with a machine method, is unlikely to ever break. 
Appearance is determined, firstly, as we said, by the quality of the skin, that is, by how good and natural the structure of its surface is. Secondly, and it already depends on the masterly virtuosity - how smooth and neat the seam is. Thirdly, the shape of the wallet itself, the size, thickness and harmony of its parts. Models are mostly standard - it's hard to come up with something new here. But the details, the location of the compartments, the exact size - all this determines the final form, and here it all depends on the talent of the designer.
Wallet design
Colors and style
Traditionally, the color of a men's wallet is black or brown, as well as all shades of the latter. Black is more formal. Brown may look more interesting, but this is a more everyday option. By the way, the wallet does not have to be alone. It is normal to have a couple and change them from time to time. In addition to the conservative black and brown, other colors can be present in the arsenal of men, but it is desirable that they are not too bright.
Stylish wallet meets all of the above requirements. Form, quality of tailoring, beautiful material - all this is important. It is equally important to buy your wallet, the one that is close to you in spirit; one that will be a good neighbor to the rest of your accessories and clothing. It is these considerations that are important to be guided by if you are looking for a wallet not only for yourself, but also as a gift. The nature and personality of the future owner must be taken into account.

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